Friday, June 03, 2005

"Mummy: The Inside Story" a hit at the British Museum

Science: "This short movie includes flying coffins, a morphing skeleton, a mysterious death, magical amulets, and a mistake that was kept secret for close to 3000 years. We are guided by the sonorous intonations of Ian McKellan. But he is no longer Gandalf, and the scene is not Middle Earth. It is Egypt in the middle of the 22nd Dynasty, 2800 years ago. And the story is not fantasy but is factual. Mummy: The Inside Story, currently showing at the British Museum, is about a priest at the Temple of Karnak: how he lived, how he died, and what became of his body. The three-dimensional (3D) film takes the viewer through the mummy's coffin, the layers of linens in which he is wrapped, and the desiccated remains of his skin and soft tissues to his skeleton and resin-soaked internal organs--all without opening his gorgeously decorated wooden case."
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