Friday, June 03, 2005

Decisive Battles Follows up "The Goths" with "The Lost Eagles of Crassus"

It looks like Decisive Battles will follow up "The Goths" tonight with "The Lost Eagles of Crassus" on Monday:

"Carrhae 53BC: Crassus was the richest man in Rome, but to compete in politics with Pompey and Caesar he needed to equal their military glory. So as Governor of Syria, he raised an army and invaded the empire of Parthia.
He led seven legions - thirty-five thousand Romans - into the desert in 53BC, to become victims of his arrogance and ambition. The Parthian general, Surena, with only ten thousand men, met the Roman invaders at Carrhae, the modern day town of Harran, in southern Turkey.

At Carrhae, they were annihilated by the horse-warriors of the Parthian Empire. The ultimate dishonour for Rome would be the loss of their eagle standards."
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