Monday, March 17, 2003

The Vergilian Society seeks papers on the theme of Vergil and Greco-Roman religion for 2004 Annual Meeting

For its panel session at the annual meeting in 2004, the Vergilian Society invites submission of abstracts of papers on the theme of Vergil and Greco-Roman religion. The goal of the panel is to explore Vergil as a source for Greco-Roman religion and the poet's own religious views. Religion is defined broadly. We welcome papers on philosophy as well as on cult, ritual, and individual divinities. Broader issues such as Vergils attitude towards fate, free will, and divine justice would be at home on this panel. So too would papers dealing with the archaeology of religion in Vergil. This would include historical or archaeological papers dealing with the "accuracy" of Vergils account of early Roman cult. It is a prime goal of the panel to place Vergils use and attitude towards religion within the context of the Augustan revival of traditional Roman religion. Thus we would also be interested in papers treating the relationship of Vergil to such major Augustan monuments as the Ara Pacis and such Augustan themes as Pietas. Archeologists and ancient historians as well as classicists are encouraged to submit abstracts for consideration.
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