Tuesday, March 18, 2003

The Military Affairs of Ancient Rome and Roman Art of War in Caesars Time

Author: By Lt. Col. S.G. Brady

Composed exclusively of some drafted, but more Roman citizen volunteers, recruited from Italy and mainly from the valley of the Po, members of the legions became professional soldiers who, enlisted for a definite term of years, looked forward to a share in all booty taken and retirement allowances of land and money. In 58 B. C., Caesar had six legions, eight in 58-57 B. C., and ten in 53 B. C. All legions were numbered according to date of enlistment and, in the time of the Empire, received in addition distinguishing names such as "Victrix", in much the same manner as the "Black Watch," "The Foreign Legion," "The Rough Riders," and "The Red One" etc.
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