Friday, January 30, 2004

Into the Hands of the Shades - Death in Roman Cumbria

A new exhibition at the Tullie House Museum in Carlisle, called 'Into the Hands of the Shades - Death in Roman Cumbria', will seek to explain the Romans' beliefs about death and burials.

Hilary Wade, museum and arts manager at Tullie House said: 'We are delighted at the announcement of a 24,000 pound grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund for this project... [it] will allow us to produce an exciting exhibition based around murder, mystery and intrigue - not something Museum's are traditionally associated with!
'We are bringing together a 3rd Century mystery with 21st Century technology and it is sure to capture the imagination of Cumbrian residents'. "

A highlight of the exhibit will be a reconstruction of the face of a skeleton found in a well in the city during the 1980s - he had been shot in the head and attacked with a sword. Archaeologists named him 'Duncan'.

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