Monday, May 05, 2003

Teutoburg Battle Subject of New Exhibition

The worst defeat to strike the Roman empire is subject of new exhibition at Archeological Museum Frankfurt. Artifacts found the ravines, thick forests, marshlands and bogs at the foot of the Kalkriese hillwhere the Teutons trapped the armies of the Roman governor Varus north of the present-day Lower Saxony city of Osnabruck will be displayed. Some 6,000 relics have been excavated since a British amateur archeologist unearthed a couple of Roman catapult projectiles and coins in 1997. These artifacts include bones, weapons, everyday utensils, jewelry and coins. Some of the coins bear the mark VAR, for Varus, and historians have confirmed with certainty that they were minted between AD 6 and AD 9.

The exhibition runs at the Archeological Museum Frankfurt until Sept. 14.
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